How To Get More Referrals

In this blog post you will discover how to get more referrals or signups in any passive income program or business opportunity. The reality is, to quickly make a substantial amount of money in any passive income program you must find ways to get more active referrals under you. Once they make deposits/investments you will get a commission; that commission can then be used to reinvest to purchase more packages and hence grow your income.

If you are struggling to get referrals, you must continue reading because you will find the help you need below.

“Disclosure: There are some affiliate links below, but these are all products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified and/or personally used. I get commissions for purchases made through links on this page. Please read my complete AFFILIATE DISCLOSURE policy for more info.”

Disclaimer: Passive Income Programs, High Yield Investment Programs and online business opportunities can be RISKY. Results are not typical. Only invest money you can afford to lose. It is possible to lose some or all of your money.

First Things First

Are you struggling to get referrals under you in the passive income opportunity you are in? Do you need more signups in any other online business? Then you must continue reading…

While you will make money from most passive income programs without referrals or sponsoring, you can make even more if you have referrals. In fact, having active referrals is where the real money is at.

The best way to fast-track your success in any legitimate passive income opportunity is to get referrals. With most online passive income opportunities it is not mandatory to sponsor others, hence the name “passive”. However, if you do get referrals you can expect to earn an additional 10 to 30% commissions from every purchase each of your referrals make. As a result you will also be able to reach your financial goals at a faster pace.

The key to getting referrals is to get traffic to your referral links. If the passive income program is a good one with a landing webpage that converts, then visitors to your link will definitely sign up under you.

In this post I will show you exactly how I market my referral links. I will show you how I get referrals in various online programs by using free and paid methods of generating traffic to my referral links.

Do not worry! The methods I am showing you do not require you speaking to anyone face-to-face or begging family and friends to join you. These are easy ways that require no or low start up cost. Let’s begin:

How To Get Signups – Method #1: Blogging

Blogging is a very effective for advertising your business opportunity to get sign ups. Blogging or having your own website is the perfect way of branding yourself as an authority or expert in niche or program you are promoting.

You can begin blogging immediately, if you are on a limited budget you can use a free blogging platform such as It is operated and owned by Google, I have found it easier to rank websites in the search engines, when compared to using other free blogging platforms such as the free version of WordPress.

However, when blogging it is ideal to have your own domain name and hosting because it gives you more control to create any type blog you can imagine. Your blog need not be too fancy, visitors will visit for the content, not necessarily the beauty of it. To do this, purchase a domain name and web hosting service separately or purchase the complete bundle offered by HostGator for as low as $3.00 to $11.95 per month. This is truly a good price to have a home for your content and share it with the world. Click here to get a HostGator account.

Getting content for your blog is not as hard as some people make it out to be. To get content, do a Google or Youtube search for a passive income program or business opportunity that you want to build a team in. After watching about 5 Youtube videos or top search results and taking notes, you should have enough info to draw your own conclusion about the program.

For example, if involved in one of these passive income programs on this site, simply do a search for information about it such as the CEO/owner, compensation plan, deposit and withdrawal procedure and other basics. Use your research and personal experience from being a member of whatever program it is. Then create a blog post using a title such as, “Program Name Review – Scam Or Not” or “Top 3 Passive Income Programs” etc.

If you do not have time or do not want to write articles yourself to post on your blog, use a paid article writing service such as The articles done by these writers are usually pretty good. I use all the time for various projects but I do not recommend using Fiverr for your articles; though it is a cheaper method, the quality will not be as good.

As time progresses, the search engines will index your content and your posts will start to rank. As a result, you will get free visitors which will result in sign-ups based on the value of your content. Additionally you should promote your blog on your social media platforms and wherever you can.

I have shown you the basics of free as well as paid ways to get a blog started. There is no excuse to get started. If you want to learn more about blogging and setting up a website, please consider using Blog Profits.

How to Get Signups Method #2 – Facebook Profiles

There are different forms of social media advertising such as Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn that you can use to get referrals. However, it has been my experience that Facebook is the one you should focus on because the results are better.

People join people and not opportunities”, this is a true statement. As you go about using Facebook to get referrals you must remember that it is a social network, so present yourself as a real person. You must have a photo of yourself on your profile, do not use money images or the company logo, use a picture of yourself. People will be more inclined to add you as a friend when you send friend requests because they get to see who you are. Most likely, they will believe that your profile is real and not a fake profile used by someone to spam them.

To get started, sign up for a account completely free. If you already have a Facebook account that mainly has friends and family, please sign up for a new account to use for your business. The reality is that family and friends may not be like-minded as yourself in terms of wanting to make money online. So when you start promoting your links on Facebook, you want your offer in front of people who are looking for ways to make money online. Family and friends will more than likely discourage you by calling your offers “SCAM” or tell you “GO GET A REAL JOB”.

Setting Up Your Facebook Account The Right Way For Profits

Once you have signed up for a Facebook account, you need to start getting a following and making posts. This is what I recommend:

(i) Ensure you have a real photo of yourself on your profile pic, use your favorite quote in the form of an image as your cover image.

(ii) Make about 5 posts with encouraging quotes or images geared toward self-development and motivation. You can find free quote images at Brainy Quotes or just do a Google search to find others you like. Additionally post at least one post of yourself, your dog, your family, eye-catching food you are eating, some place you went or something specific about your life.

(iii) Start getting some contacts. The best way to quickly do this is to join the Facebook group of the passive income program(s) you are promoting. Once you have been accepted into the group, read through some of the posts and see who are making new comments; click on their profile and send them a request. They will most likely add you because they are active, and because you have something in common with them, which in this case would be that you are both members of the same income opportunity.

Do not send more than 20 requests per day, because Facebook may ban your account if you send too many requests. Once they accept your request, simply send them a thank you message for adding you; but do not send any links to your business opportunity just yet, wait for them to ask for your link if they wish.

(iv) Continue making posts about something inspiring or encouraging, or about a post on your blog, or just about something that you learned today.

(v) Spend no more than 30-60 minutes a day visiting a few of your contacts profile and clicking “Like” or commenting on a few of their photographs or quotes.

(vi) Copy success. There will be persons on your list or other successful persons in your niche who are having good engagement on their Facebook posts. Look at what they are posting and copy it, but do not post it exactly the same as theirs; you must reword it a bit and add a bit of your personality with it.

(vii) After you have gotten about 500 friends you can make an enticing post on your Facebook wall about your income opportunity. To add more engagement on your post, do not include your affiliate link, instead give a call to action such as “comment INFO for more information”. You will be surprised to see how many persons comment below your post or inbox you for more info and join under you. Some persons will rather inbox you privately rather than requesting information on a public post.

(viii) Sign-up for a free link shortner such as to shorten and beautify those long affiliate links.

(ix) Post about your personal results. As you get positive results in your earnings, you must screenshot those results and post it to your Facebook profile. People rather see results rather than just hype and words.

If you follow this method you can quickly build a list of 5000 like-minded persons within 6 months or a year. As you reach about 500 friends, other people will start sending you friend requests because your momentum is building. You will be able to use these 5000 contacts to network with from a business perspective in growing your team of referrals in any new passive program you join.

A Facebook training course I recommend to quickly grow loads of friends who engage with your post to generate huge profits is Profile Profits Pro. The cost of the course is a one time cost of less than $47.00. Click here to get access to Profile Profits Pro.

How To Get Signups – Method #3: YouTube Marketing

This method is very powerful in getting referrals or signups to grow a team. Behind Google, Youtube is the second most used website online; that means millions of potential customers are available to you. Sponsors with the highest amount of referrals mostly use Youtube as their main source of marketing.

Marketing on YouTube is free but it will require your time to record videos. It is quite similar to having a blog with written articles, but the results are usually better because a lot of people prefer to watch a video rather than read.

Most marketers are a bit shy to appear on camera to talk about a product. To overcome this, when starting out you can just use a video screen capture software such as Screencast-O-Matic. This software is free to use; however if you want to record videos longer than 15 minutes the cost is about $20.00 per year. The Screencast-O-Matic software will capture whatever you are showing on your computer screen, at the same time you can use a script to be speaking in the background about the income opportunity or product.

As you become more comfortable you can then show your face in a small insert on the screen. At the end of your videos make sure you refer the viewer to the description section below the video so that they can find links to your Facebook profile or a link to the passive income program or offer you are promoting. Your video does not have to be perfect; viewers prefer reality, transparency and honesty. To learn more about YouTube Marketing check out this training: YouTube Profits Pro.

How to Get Signups – Method #4: Solo Ads

A Solo Ad is a paid form of advertisement. You pay a marketer to use his/her email list to send your offer to their email list. You are charged based on the number of clicks you want to get to your offer. The cost of a click usually has a price range between $0.34 and $0.80. It is one of the easiest ways of getting traffic to your programs or to grow an email list.

However not all solo add sellers are legit, some may send fake or bot traffic. As a result I recommend a service like Udimi Solo Ad Directory. Udimi allows you to see reviews from other members who have gotten good or bad results from a seller.

For best results when using solo ads, it is recommended to send the traffic to a lead capture page / squeeze page. This is a page that presents an enticing free offer or training to the visitor. However, in order for them to receive the offer or get more information, they must submit their email address. The headline of your lead-capture page should be general such as “Multiply Your Money On Autopilot” or “Earn Passive Income”, etc.

Once the visitor submit their email to get the info, they will be added to your list and you will be able to automatically send them an email giving them access to the enticing offer and at the same time telling them about your passive income program or business opportunity. Since these persons will now be on your email list you can send follow-up messages outlining the benefits of your online opportunity and at the same time encouraging them to signup under you.

You can build a basic lead page and automate the follow-up message using an autoresponder such as LeadsLeap, Click here to get a free Leads Leap account. It is the same autoresponder that I use to create simple squeeze pages and to automatically send messages to visitors who join my lists. LeadsLeap has a lot of high converting web forms or squeeze pages that you can use to build your list. If you want to learn step by step how to use Solo Ads for maximum profit click here to get access to Solo Ads Profits Course.

Here are some other traffic methods, the results may not be as good as methods above:

How to Get Signups – Method #5: Classified Ads

Using classified advertising sites such as Craigslist and others are ways to gain free traffic, leads and referrals.

The major classified ad sites use IP tracking so that you are only allowed to post in cities near you. I reside in the Caribbean which is outside major countries like the U.S.A, Canada, Australia and the U.K. As a result I hardly use classified ad sites because my ads usually get rejected by sites such as Craigslist due to location and my I.P address. There are ways to try get around it by using programs such as Best VPN.

To learn more about how to post classified ads, please go to this video link. The video was made in 2013 by top recruiter Frank Calabro Jr. However the information is still relevant today. Here is the link to the video: How to Get Leads Using Classified Ads Marketing

There are classified ad sites other than Craigslist that you can use, which have less rules compared to Craigslist and offer a lot of traffic to your ad. Here are additional classified ad sites:

Posting in classified ad sites can be time consuming. Click here for a Classified Ad Automation Software to do the posting for you to multiple classified sites for more traffic.

How to Get Signups – Method # 6: Safelists & Viral Mailers

Safelist is the ‘safe’ permission to send your email ads to an authorized ‘list’ of people who have consented to receive your emails. Each time you open and read an email ad from another safelist member, you will receive credits. You must stay on their page for a set amount of time (usually 10 – 30 seconds) before credits are added to your account. You can then use the credits you earned to send emails to other members to view your ad. As you can see this produces GUARANTEED TRAFFIC to your website.

Safelists are about sending and receiving emails to earn credits. The more safelist membership sites you join the more emails you can expect to receive. Therefore, whatever you do, DO NOT USE YOUR MAIN / PRIMARY EMAIL ADDRESS FOR SAFELISTS. Instead use a free email service like that is “safelist friendly”. Most of the better safelist companies no longer accept email accounts from Yahoo or Hotmail due to high bounce rates.

Jerry Iannucci is considered a safelist marketing expert by many; he has an ebook that gives the core basics of using Safelists for ultimate success. It is free to download here.

To join a safelist site, you will need two separate email addresses:

One is called the Contact Address – This is the email address that you will receive information and emails directly from the safelist owner or administration, or solo ads purchased by members. The other is called the List Address – This is where the majority of the safelist emails goes, it consists of the email ads from other members. The emails sent to the Contact address are worth more credits than those sent to List Address.

Okay, go to and create two email accounts, one for Contact Address, the other for your List Address. You can get names like: and or something easy to remember.

There are hundreds of safelist websites online, but most of them are worthless and a total waste of time. To get a listing of the best safelist that are getting results for users, I recommend using a program such as ListHoopla Top Ranked Safelists. ListHoopla is a website that has been conducting 100% independent statistical testing since 2002 on traffic exchange and safelist sites to determine which ones are getting quality leads for their members. Go through the ListHoopla recommended safelists and join the first 5 safelists. Click here to get a free ListHoopla account.

You can get thousands of FREE advertising credits to use in almost any safelist by using a free service such as

Safelists like most forms of free traffic can become time consuming. However if you are just starting out and on a limited budget, safelist marketing is a good free source of traffic. However do not use a direct link to your passive income program or business opportunity; instead consider using a lead capture page to build a list. Once they submit their email address, your autoresponder will automatically send them a link to your income program over and over. To get more Safelist Marketing Tactics Click Here.

How to Get Signups – Method #7: Traffic Exchange Sites

A traffic exchange is a membership web site that allows you to view web pages selected by other members. At the same time they allow other members to view your pages. In short, a traffic exchange allows the members to exchange traffic among themselves. Once you join an exchange you will be able to provide one or more URLs to advertise your income opportunity. Other members will be able to do the same.

The amount of traffic to your website will be determined based on the amount of credits you have; you earn credits by viewing other members websites or by becoming an upgraded member. If you do not have the time or patience to click on member sites, you can pay to upgrade your account and buy surf free credits. You can get thousands of FREE advertising credits to use in almost any traffic exchange site by using a free service such as

Traffic exchange sites are similar to safelists, in that there is permission to exchange traffic among members. There are hundreds of traffic exchange websites online. To get a listing of the best traffic exchange sites that are getting results for users, I recommend using a program such as Top 10 Traffic Exchange List. Affiliate Funnel is a program that gathers data from members in various traffic exchange sites; it allows the members to also select and vote on the best traffic exchange sites that are giving them results, a list is then compiled.

The traffic exchanges that I have personally used and had some degree of success with are Traffic Ad Bar, EasyHits4U, TrafficG and Traffic Splash. However I have not used them in awhile, so its good to check out Affiliate Funnel to see which Traffic Exchange sites are now getting best results for traffic exchange users.

Final Thoughts

The above methods are my main methods of generating traffic and getting referrals in most of the programs that I promote. I highly recommend that you build an email list rather than sending traffic directly to your affiliate links. You can use an autoresponder like Leads Leap to create squeeze-pages and funnels, so that you will be able to follow up with subscribers until they become referrals in one or all of your passive income programs.

There are many other ways of generating traffic other than the ones I mentioned above. However I find the methods above to be the most effective for the “make money online” or “business opportunity” niche.

Most passive income programs and high yield investment programs are high risk and most do not last beyond a year. For some of the traffic methods such as blogging, it could take a few months before your content is indexed by the search engines and before you start seeing traffic from a post. By that time it is pointless to send traffic direct to you affiliate page to get signups.

However if you have an email list, you can immediately send a blast to subscribers on your list, each time you join a new offer and want them to join under you. As a result I highly recommend that you build an email list. LeadsLeap is a complete email marketing system and so much more; best of all it is free to use but it is advisable to upgrade for more features.

Whichever traffic method you decide to use, the main thing is to be consistent and do a task daily toward driving traffic to your links (preferably a squeeze page to build your email list). The more quality traffic you drive to your links the more referrals and sales you will make. So Go Send Traffic To Your Affiliate Links To Build An Army of Referrals!

If this post has been helpful to you in any way please like and share it with others. If you have any questions or comments please submit them in the comment section below.

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